We provide overall services, understand customers’ trued demands and draw up a meticulous planning. In the meantime, we also expand our global vision, introduce the latest foreign firefighting equipment and information and provide more professional and perfect services through rich experiences accumulated over years.

Design & Installation title Planning & Design

We involve in the discussion of construction layout plan. The fundamental idea and design concept and demand are delivered based on the assistance of professional computer and the evaluation of experts like fire protection engineers (technicians).


Planning & Design stage title

  • Deliver fundamental structure and design concept
  • Finalize proposal presentation
  • Deliver and discuss design demands
  • Discuss design presentation & space simulation
  • Make formal fire protection engineering drawing

Drawing review stage title

  • Deliver and finalize the equipment checklist
  • Provide available colors and models of the equipment
  • Submit fire protection drawing
  • Fire safety inspection & Permit acquisition

Contract out & Supervision stage title

  • Calculate construction materials and provide tender documents
  • Calculate construction cost and provide construction budget/li>
  • Make and provide construction specifications
  • Assist the owner to supervise key points

Construction & Usage License title Building permit & Use license

Besides professional fire protection engineering techniques, the planning and construction are also supported by implementing quality management. Meanwhile, as for drawing confirmation, material incoming management, construction quality supervision and arrange the inspection of fire equipment setting completion, we also aim to further upgrade the fire protection level to ensure the customer is securely protected.

  • Firefighting engineering construction, installation, supervision and management
  • Investigation of fire safety equipment completion according to the building use permit for various places
  • Comprehensive evaluation of newly constructed building’s firefighting equipment
  • Buy/Sell professional firefighting equipment
  • Install/Test various firefighting and safety equipment systems
  • Buy/Sell fire protection and evacuation equipment

Occupancy title Purpose change

Handle and play as the agent of fire protection application processes related to the planning, design, review, supervision, construction, installation and completion for various places. Provide fire safety regulation consultation and advice. Offer complete professional information and services with architects, interior designers and expert technicians

  • Assist in processing the evaluation of purpose change license for various business places and fire safety regulations and standards.
  • Assist in processing the drawing reviewand fire safety equipment completion inspection to acquire fire certificates.

Interior Decoration title Indoor decoration

According to Administrative Regulations on Indoor Decoration of Buildings, review the change, construction, and installation of fire safety equipment as well as play an agent of every stage to provide complete professional information and services based on the construction or partition wall change of licensed public buildings and non-public buildings identified as necessary by MOI:

  • Assist in processing the compliance certificate for interior decoration, interior decoration change free of certificate, 2-stage interior decoration, simplified interior decoration and part interior decoration)
  • Plan fire safety and space allocation with the owner and interior designers to fulfill purposes including compliance, aesthetics and safety.
  • Assist in the cooperation of foreign designer group to conduct related preliminary review and site survey. Combining space attribute, we also provide advisory and consultation services of all stages according to standards of global companies.

Business Registration & License title Hotel registration

Provide services related to license application before the opening of hotels, hospitality industry, health & welfare facility and preschool and school-aged children nursery facility which must apply for separate business registration and certificate.

  • Assist in processing the registration application of various business places.
  • Assist in applying the excellent apartment building public safety management label
  • Assist in processing the approval and submission of maximum approved visitors of various places
  • Assist in conducting the dynamic protection drill of large business spaces
  • Assist in applying the establishment registration of general/international tourist hotels and hospitality industry
  • Assist in applying the establishment permit of preschool and school-aged children nursery facilities, short-term tutorial center and senior long-term care center

Inspection & Maintenance title Inspection/Testing/Maintenance

Our professional fire protection engineers and technicians form a strong lineup with skillful techniques. We devote ourselves in fire equipment maintenance with professionalism. Normal operation of fire equipment relies on the measurement of machine with high precision and experienced experts. Yuan Dah adopts imported fire detection equipment with high functionality to provide the best service for administrators.

  1. Process high-rise building fire safety inspection/testing, certificate and submission review
  2. Process various business places fire safety inspection/testing, certificate and submission review
  3. Improve fire protection equipment insufficiency/Regular maintenance
  4. Review/plan/draw evacuation plan
  5. Consultation of fire protection plan, firefighting management essentials and laws
  6. Assist places in drawing up self-protect fire protection plan; conduct dynamic firefighting/public safety drill with places above a certain scale
  7. Review and submit maximum approved visitors of specific places